Better Energy Management From the Meter to the Plug

Keewi ensures that every aspect of your energy consumption is regulated. With plug load optimization, data, and control we help you achieve complete building efficiency, without sacrificing functionality. We help you conquer the last frontier of energy management.

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Effortless Energy Reduction

Keewi provides a comprehensive solution to energy management. With a fully automated system, we help you achieve on average 25% reduction in energy costs, without any added work.

Benchmarking Sustainable Efficiency for Your Building

With smart plugs and real-time monitoring, Keewi exceeds the standard of energy management. We’ll audit your baseline energy consumption, track your peak times of use, and offer prescriptions for improvement. With benchmarking and data, we can help you achieve LEED certification, and meet your energy goals.

Occupant Engagement

We provide a comprehensive approach to energy maintenance, and know that proper management starts from the ground up. With Keewi you can opt for added engagement, by encouraging employees and students to track their energy use on our app, make corrections, and compete with others for energy-saving incentives.

Top-to-Bottom Installation

With systematic installation, Keewi allows you to select which plugs or outlets you want to monitor. Choose to retrofit existing outlets, or start from scratch on new builds. Either way, Keewi offers elastic plans for a custom energy solution.

Better Data, For Smarter Energy Use

Keewi provides you with a branded dashboard that makes it easy to collect and assess your energy use. With on-going energy audits, and real-time data you can make quick adjustments or plan ahead. We provide you with better data, for smarter energy use.

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Keewi in Action

Higher Education

Keewi provides campuses with an inclusive approach to energy management. With quantitative-driven benchmarking, we help you unlock your school’s sustainability potential--whether that’s LEED certification, hitting new energy standards, or cost savings.

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Higher Education

Office Buildings

A recent study calculated that 80% of office equipment is left on even when a building is unoccupied. Keewi helps you identify devices that can be powered down without disrupting daily operations, while providing a quick switch for turning plugs on or off.

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Sporting Facilities

Keewi allows you to manage your energy consumption around seasonal, fixed, or unscheduled events. Power down during dark days with IP-enablement, and audit existing appliances for poor performance. Through automation and management, we help you meet your sustainability goals while putting functionality first.

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Sporting Facilities

Zero Net Energy Buildings

Net-zero capability requires accounting of every aspect of your building’s energy. With Keewi’s selection of hardware and software tools, you can identify subpar appliances in need of replacement, and ensure plug loads are always under control.

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Net Zero Buildings

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Retrofit or start from scratch with all Keewi plugs and outlets


Measure and Assess

Audit baseline energy consumption for smarter usage


Enable Scheduling

Define a schedule for maximum conservation


Monitor and Refine

Continuously monitor results for continuous refinement


Keewi is a new plug load energy management solution that provides users with the tools needed to conserve energy while maintaining normal operations. With smart plugs and outlets, Keewi allows for real-time energy monitoring, insight into peak demand times, and provides simple solutions for improvement. We ensure that through better data collection, you can better manage your energy use.

As a team of data and tech-driven engineers, with backgrounds in Amazon, Genentech, and NASA, Keewi was designed to integrate effortlessly into any building, office, or school. We’ll define your baseline plug load energy consumption, create a custom schedule in line with your everyday, and provide continual analytics to ensure you’re on-track with your energy goals.

With a complete suite of software and hardware, we pair smart technology with even smarter data collection and use. Keewi offers energy management without disrupting functionality--it’s a simple solution for better energy use.

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