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Keewi ensures you maximize value from your building assets. Using the power of data from electrical plugs and outlets, we help you achieve optimal building operations and workplace planning without sacrificing functionality. We help you conquer the last frontier of building management.

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Keewi in Action

Stanford University

Stanford University

"Keewi's technology is the most comprehensive technology we have discovered to date."

— Moira Hafer, Sustainability Specialist


52 hrs of manual plug inventorying per building


17X faster plug data collection

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University of Maryland

University of Maryland

"Keewi has a great program for the reduction of electrical plug loads, that engages building occupants to manage their electrical use."

— Chauncey Jenkins, Energy Manager


Electrical appliances were left on 24/7 even when unused


32% savings in plug load energy use in offices

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San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport

"Keewi's information has helped guide the design process for our new buildings and manage our occupants' relationship with energy."

— Jonathan Kocher, P.E., LEED AP,
Associate Mechanical Engineer


50% higher energy use compared to ZNE building model


Removed operational uncertainty and identified energy hogs

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Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University

"I highly recommend Keewi’s products and services if your institution is looking for comprehensive energy management."

— Brandon Carlson,
Coordinator of Residence Life


Student residents reported 60% self-rating in understanding of personal energy


Student residents reported 100% self-rating in understanding of personal energy

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Levi's Stadium

Levi's Stadium

"Keewi’s data visualization is a powerful tool in understanding our plug loads."

— Roger Elu,
Chief Engineer, San Francisco 49ers


Concession appliances were left on 24/7 during dark days


Centralized control of concession appliances with a 75% potential for savings

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Eliminate Uncertainty in Your Operations

With real-time monitoring of assets, Keewi exceeds standards of building management. We provide you a 17x faster way to gain visibility into how devices are used and their impact on your overall building performance. With rich streams of data, we enable you to make quick adjustments and plan ahead. We provide you with better data, for smarter and more advanced building operations.

Effortless Sustainability Leadership

Keewi provides a comprehensive solution to asset and occupant management with far-reaching sustainable impacts. With a fully automated system, we help you easily achieve 20-40% reduction in the footprint of plugs in your building. We help you ensure your operations are as sustainable as your products and as innovative as your customers demand.

Lifelong Rewards and Benefits

With our advanced analytics and intelligent outlets, we work alongside you to easily satisfy building code and achieve sustainability, LEED, and Zero Net Energy (ZNE) certifications in design and beyond. Without any added work, we help your new building save up to $1/sqft in electrical distribution costs and take advantage of an additional $1/sqft/yr of ongoing benefits in operating costs as long as the building stands.

Design the Next Ideal Workplace

We know that proper management starts from the ground up, and we provide the data on which to build a comprehensive approach to occupant management. With Keewi’s data, you can opt for added insights into workstation-level utilization patterns. Charm your employees with a new workplace design that exudes comfort, convenience and innovation, while taking advantage of real estate savings of up to $4.50/sqft/yr.

Validate Utilization Matches Growth Plans

We track utilization of your assets, whether your appliances or your space, we identify peaks and troughs, and we offer prescriptions for improvement. With benchmarking and data, you can finally plan your organization’s growth trajectory without a worry about over- or under-estimation. Our goal is to help you make purchasing and real estate decisions with relevant and insightful information.

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Put Your Data To Work



Retrofit or start from design with any IP-controlled plug


Measure and Assess

Collect baseline data and quantify utilization


Optimize Your Operations

Let Keewi manage assets in a customized way for your building


Refine Your Workplace

Continuously monitor workstation utilization for ideal workplace design

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Get rid of mysteries around utilization of your assets

Easy decision making & effective planning require firsthand data

In a world where organizations spend thousands of dollars to purchase, install and maintain electrical appliances, knowing when and how your organization’s assets are used is something you can no longer go without.

At Keewi, we give you firsthand data on utilization of your existing assets and help you make decisions based on real-time and granular data. We help you view utilization analytics in various ways, by time, time of day, day of week, as well as obtain a list of top equipment types by utilization patterns.

Keewi dashboard screenshots with plots on laptops
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Squash inefficiency in your building with a single click of a button

Leaving electrical appliances on 24/7 leads to wasted electricity, greater cooling requirements, and shortened equipment life span

There’s growing pressure and a sense of responsibility for organizations and individuals to conserve natural resources as much as possible. The key is to look for opportunities to reduce your footprint and determine what to prioritize.

With Keewi, you can achieve your sustainability and certification goals without needing large capital investments. Let the Keewi intelligent analytics do the hard work of conserving for you! Keewi’s ToggleAI™ learns utilization patterns of your appliances and automatically turns them off during periods of inactivity, helping you and your organization achieve new levels of sustainability. If you like to be in control, then set easy schedules and our system will follow your on/off instructions day in and day out, never complaining of too much work.

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Keewi device controls screenshot on iPad

Maximize plug data collection with rotating sensors

Building operations is a science and knowing how to collect sample data is a valuable skill

The first step to improving your building operations is to take the right sample of data. When you know what appliances you need to monitor or when you just want to do a quick audit in your building, what you need is an easy tool for logging.

With Keewi’s turnkey solution, you’re able to deploy sensors at any scale you’d like to and for as long as you need. Our web portal makes it easy for you to reassign sensors from one appliance to the next, as many times as you’d like. It helps you collect samples of data like a true scientist. Reassigning sensors with Keewi is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Choose the sensor you want to move

  2. Move the sensor to its new location

  3. Assign new device information

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Keewi device reassignment screenshot

Uncover new ways to interact with your plug data

Data are gold, but the key is understanding what data are telling you

Data are only as valuable as the insights you can glean from them—energy data are no exception.

We’re experts in extracting insights that help you make informed business and operational decisions. Our artificial intelligence (AI) engines are hard at work, churning every new point of asset data that comes in from your building, to create value for you and your organization. You can get direct access to your data for streamlined reporting with our easy export tool to download to your local machine.

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Keewi export feature screenshot on laptop

Unlock the power of utilization data for workplace optimization

Employee engagement is directly correlated with optimal workplace design

In today’s competitive recruiting market, the key to success for your organization lies with employee satisfaction. A well-designed and modern workplace is a reliable strategy to delight your employees and keep them excited about their work. Improvements to your workplace design start with insightful analytics into your current space.

Our in-house artificial intelligence (AI) tool for space utilization uses the same stream of plug data to give you just the right analytics you need to start designing your workplace of the future. With our unobtrusive plug sensors, we detect real-time information about workplace utilization. Using AI, we help you save time in collecting space utilization data so that you can focus on what you do best - moving your organization closer to achieving its goals.

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Keewi space utilization dashboard screenshots

Customize the solution that matches your goals

Every building is unique and benefits from a customized solution

You might think collecting device data will take a lot of time to implement on your own—and you’re right—but we make it easy and fast for you.

We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to spend time trying to make sense of what feels like an infinite number of sensors and asset choices. We’ve vetted hundreds of sensors and have integrated our intelligent analytics with the best sensor options. You can choose the one that satisfies the requirements of your building and your organization.

Customize the solution that matches your goals
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White Glove

Customizable number of sensors

10 - 100


Sensor networks included


Up to 3

User accounts included


Up to 3

Cellular option

Sensor installation

Easy self-install

Keewi full service

Learning plug controls

Unlimited sensor reassignments

Real-time workplace optimization

Award-winning customer support

Free cancellation after 4 months

(terms and conditions apply)

At Scale

Customizable scale

25,000+ sqft

In-wall smart outlets 110V, 20A

Sensor installation

Certified electrician

Essential outlet monitoring and controls


Learning plug controls

Real-time utilization analytics

Real-time workplace optimization

Award-winning customer support

10-year warranty

(terms and conditions apply)

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Frequently Asked Questions


There are thousands of electrical plugs installed in every building. They’re hard to manage because there’s no infrastructure for monitoring and managing plugs and people are always plugging in new appliances. At the same time, plugs also provide an untapped opportunity for improving convenience, efficiency, safety and comfort for people and their buildings.
Keewi helps you harness the untapped value of plugs to improve your buildings. We bring intelligence to your plugs by adding on/off controls and data collection capabilities. Using advanced analytics technologies, we make it easy for you to collect new information about your building and business.
Plug data are rich with insights. Our analytics, applied to your plug data, will help you:
  • Understand equipment utilization
  • Automatically identify anomalies and detect faults
  • Easily map out space utilization patterns
  • Predict potential savings with different interventions
Every day you wait to upgrade plugs in your building is another day you’re leaving easy money--as much as $5.50/sqft--on the table. The sooner you get in touch, the faster you can put plugs in your building to work to save you time and money.
With Keewi, you can be sure to see the following results:
  • 17X faster plug data collection with real-time access to inventory and usage data
  • 20-40% savings in the energy used by appliances up to $1/sqft in operating costs
  • 100% visibility into your building operations and performance
  • 20-30% real estate savings on your lease up to $4.50/sqft
  • Up to $1/sqft savings in your building’s electrical distribution costs
You have two options for putting plugs to work in your building:
  1. Do it yourself may work but has the following risks:
    • Can be very time consuming
    • You may struggle with knowing which appliances to focus on
    • It’s very challenging to identify smart plugs that meet your specs
    • You may not achieve your building performance goals
  2. Work with Keewi: get the results you need with your plugs with Keewi’s quick, easy, and proven solution
It’s hard to say no to a solution that
  • helps you reach new heights in your leadership,
  • gets rid of uncertainty in your building’s operations,
  • validates your organizational strategy matches growth needs, and
  • most importantly, makes good business sense
You can tell a lot about how people move through a space by studying how appliances are being used. Plug data can show you easily if workstations are being used, for example, and you can use the data to better strategize for your workplace.
When you upgrade your plugs with Keewi, each socket gets a switch that can be remotely turned on/off. We provide energy savings by remotely and automatically turning off power to appliances during periods of inactivity.


With Keewi, you can monitor 110V or 220V appliances. Typical appliances to manage include:
  • Printers​
  • Vending machines
  • Golf carts
  • TVs
  • Computers / monitors
  • Space heaters
  • Coffee makers
  • Refrigerators
  • Water coolers
  • Power strips
You can easily install Keewi for power strips using either of the following strategies:
  • Monitor and manage each socket of the power strip separately by plugging in a Keewi adaptor for each socket. You get to individually collect data from each appliance and turn them on/off individually.
  • Monitor and manage the entire power strip with a single Keewi plug/adaptor. In this case, you turn on/off all appliances on the power strip together
  • Use Keewi’s intelligent power strips that have built-in monitoring and controls on every socket (coming soon)
We understand that every building is unique in its requirements, occupancy and use cases. With Keewi, you have the following form factors:
  • Single socket adaptors: 110V, 15A, Type A or Type B
  • Dual socket adaptors: 110V, 15A, Type A or Type B
  • Dual socket duplexes (in-wall): 110V, 20A, Type A or Type B
  • Intelligent power strips (coming soon): 110V, 15A, Type A or Type B
  • Heavy duty: 40A, in-line control and monitoring
The number of plug sensors you install depends on your goals. For space utilization in an office building, for example, we recommend you collect data from at least one appliance (such as an LCD monitor) per workstation. For understanding utilization and health of appliances such as printers, pumps or fridges, make sure to have a sensor for each piece of equipment. Our team has years of experience and can help you find the best solution for your needs. Feel free to email us at and we’d be happy to support you!
Our plug sensors use mesh networking in their wireless communication with the gateway to easily cover large areas of your building with a single hub. Each hub accommodates >200 plug sensors and typically covers a floor of your building.
We offer a catalogue of choices for the device wireless network, including Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
You have choices when it comes to the installation of the Keewi system:
  • Self-installation is easy and takes a few seconds per plug. Keewi will send you a comprehensive package that’s ready to install. All you have to do is insert the Keewi adaptors between the plug socket (on the wall or power strip) and the appliance you’d like to monitor. You then fill out an online form that lets us optimize your wireless network. You can start collecting data within minutes.
  • Installation by Keewi leaves the installation process in the hands of professionals who can accommodate your schedule and ensure minimal disruptions to the normal operations of your building. If you’re interested in the intelligent Keewi duplexes (in-wall), a certified electrician will install the outlets for you.
You a few different options depending on network and IT requirements in your building:
  • Wired ethernet connection: connect the Keewi hub to any live ethernet port on the wall or on your router to enable an outbound-only connection. You do not have to worry about changing any of your firewall settings.
  • Existing Wi-Fi network: with this option you connect the Keewi hub wirelessly to an existing WiFi network in your building. Clients often choose a separate Wi-Fi network specifically for building management systems to connect their Keewi system.
  • Cellular: At an additional cost, we use a cellular modem and our own Wi-Fi router to create a new WiFi network specifically for the Keewi system. There are no specific requirements on your internal network for this option and it's very easy to set up.
Our goal is to make your job as easy as possible. We offer cloud-to-cloud APIs that enable easy integration of data and controls between the Keewi intelligent plugs/outlets and any of your existing building systems. We’re always open to integrating the Keewi platform with other solutions and want to hear from you if you have a specific integration request.
You can use Keewi’s user-friendly and intuitive online web portal to:
  • View your plug data
  • Set up automated schedules that turn your appliances on/off automatically
  • Enable plugs to learn usage patterns and automatically manage your appliances
  • View your plug data analytics such as utilization, anomalies, and predictions


You’re signing up to bring your buildings to a whole new level of performance through our intelligent plugs and analytics solution. We will help you harness up to $5.50/sqft from your existing electrical infrastructure. Depending on flexibility with your Op-Ex or Cap-Ex budgets, you have the option to either lease or purchase the Keewi plugs/outlets. You also have the option to subscribe on a monthly, annual or multi-year basis for Keewi’s analytics solution. We’re all about flexibility.
We’re all about flexibility and giving you choices to pick the option that best works for you. You have the option to subscribe on a monthly, annual or multi-year basis.
With the support service, you get easy access to members of our support team to help you every step of the way.

About Keewi

Keewi has a long history of working with leading institutions who work with us on the last frontier of building management. We love working with passionate, smart, and committed folks who have a clear vision for a better future. If that’s you, let’s connect and put your plugs to work.

We understand that every building is unique in its requirements. We provide you choices and customize the perfect solution matching your specific needs. We offer a catalogue of choices at all levels of our solution including a variety of outlet/plug form factors, wireless protocols, and cloud connectivity for the IoT network, as well as customizable analytics and prediction tools.
We’re an experienced and motivated team with deep expertise in machine learning, advanced analytics, and software. We’re passionate about bringing the next generation of plugs into reality because we’re excited about having scalable positive impact in the world. We got our start in 2016 at Stanford University at the heart of Silicon Valley.
Keewi was founded with a vision of transforming buildings to preserve the pristine outdoors. Our founders were inspired by the beautiful Kiwi country of New Zealand, that they see as the epitome of these pristine outdoors. Our name is a play on the spelling of the word “Kiwi”.
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About Us

Keewi’s vision is to transform everyday electrical plugs into powerful sensors. We apply advanced technologies such as machine learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to plugs in order to bring comfort, convenience, safety, and efficiency for people and their buildings.

Keewi is powered by a founding team that met at Stanford University, and came together through a passion for using technology to create a sustainable future. They founded Keewi to solve a big and growing problem that’s responsible for millions of dollars of wasted energy every year. They soon realized, however, that plugs can do so much more and have been passionately working with the whole Keewi team to bring their transformative vision into reality.

We get asked often what “Keewi” means and where our name has come from. Our founders have spent time in New Zealand and when they think of pristine outdoors, images of the beautiful Kiwi country come to mind. Our name is a play on the spelling of the word. If you’re curious to learn more about our team, make sure to follow us on Instagram .

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